‘Risks are incredibly low’, patients asked to attend appointments

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Gloucestershire doctors and healthcare professionals are urging people to visit and attend their hospital appointments timely. The NHS has started resuming more services each day as they finally proclaimed partially recovered from COVID.

Patients having a face to face appointment with their doctors, during the peak of the pandemic, have either opted for virtual appointments or choose to cancel. Others having scheduled for an operation was delayed due to the same cause. 

The authorities reported that this action was taken deliberately thinking about the safety and health of both the staff and other existing patients and to cope up with the COVID 19 outbreak.

All the face to face appointments is slowly getting reintroduced along with all the necessary health care services. Even if the waiting time for some procedures have been increased drastically, many patients were still invited to attend their regular checkups and appointments.

A general physician from Churchdown and Deputy Clinical Chair at CCG (Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group), doctor Hein Le Roux, reported that “It is understandable how frustrating it gets to wait for certain services. We are thankful for their understanding and cooperating during the challenging times of NHS.”

“We are very thankful to all the NHS staff!” he added, “They fought on the front line and have innovated and adapted with the new normal by avoiding physical contact with patients, sometimes shifting to virtual consultation as well.”

“On the better side, the hospital has planned to resume many treatments and procedures. It is important to all patients that they start attending their regular checkups and scheduled appointments to keep a check of their health. The hospital authorities are calling up the patients and fixing appointments based on clinical urgency.”

“Patients had a concern regarding physical contact, but due steps have been taken by the hospital authorities to minimize the transmissions. According to the current stats, the risks of getting affected are getting lower every day, and chances of in-hospital transmissions are unheard of.”

Dr. Rachael De Caux, the chief operating officer, said that “All hospitals in our country are taking an adequate amount of preventions to protect their patients and internal staff and can be safe to invite patients for respective appointments.”

The chief concerned other patients on wearing a face cover, maintaining at least 2 meters of social distancing, sanitizing, and washing hands frequently can further prevent the risk of in-hospital contamination. 

Other patients who have booked virtual consultations from doctors are requested to treat this important as a face to face appointment with their doctor!

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