Stargazing Live 2013 – Chipping Norton Astronomers

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 As a prelude to several Stargazing LIVE events planned throughout
 January ,on Sunday January 6th at the Rollright Stones , weather
 permitting , the Chipping Norton Amateur Astronomy Group will be holding
 a ‘SOLAR SUNDAY’ from 11am – 3pm.

They will be observing our nearest star in detail & safety through a range of powerful telescopes in the fantastic setting of the ancient Rollright Stones . 

Viewed through special filters observers will be able to view sunspots, prominences and the incredible granulation on the solar disc. Guided by experienced astronomers this will be a wonderful opportunity to view our nearest star.

The Rollright Stones is a ancient site located on the Oxfordshire/Warwickshire border in England. The complex consists of three main elements, The Kings Men stone circle, the King Stone, and the Whispering Knights.

The name “Rollright” is believed to derive from “Hrolla-landriht”, the land of Hrolla.

Warming refreshments will be available on site – all visitors are encouraged to bring along a telescope and are urged to wrap up warm.

Standard Rollright Stone entrance fee applies:-

£1 adult – 50p children over 8 .

Visit or phone 07527 2244 11 for further details

+6Source: Chipping Norton Amateur Astronomy Group

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