Steve Edwards is presented with his World Record Certificate by Guinness

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Steve Edwards has been presented with another Guinness World Record Certificate for running the fastest 10 marathons in 10 days in 35 hours 20 minutes and 45 seconds at the 2008 Brathay Challenge, Brathay Hall, Ambleside, UK from 9th-18th May 2008 

This was presented to him at his sponsors Mannatech’s European convention in November, an annual event which was held in Solihull this year to mark the 10 year anniversary of the Mannatech business being active in the UK. (Last year it was in Hanover).
Steve comments on the presentation: – “There was no press release for this as it was more of an internal thing to Mannatech (Europe), although they did send an internal email out to all the associates of the business, (ie all the people in Europe who promote and sell Mannatech products). This basically said that I would be attending the convention and that I had recently been awarded my certificate from Guinness for running the fastest 10 marathons in 10 days. As many of these associates would be attending the convention, it was thought that a formal presentation of the certificate would be a good idea.
As a bit of background, Mannatech sponsor many athletes from around the world of all different ages and sports (some famous, some not so famous) and a few of these athletes are selected each year to attend the European convention where they have the opportunity to go on stage and tell their story. I’ve been fortunate to have been picked for both Hanover and Solihull and to be able to receive my certificate on stage from my sponsors in a more formal gathering made the experience that bit more special. It also gave me the opportunity to say a few words and thank all those who have helped and supported me in all that I set out to achieve, especially my wife, Teresa, a nice moment for her as she was sat at the back of the audience and everyone gave her a big round of applause!”

Very well done Steve.

About Team Mannatech Europe

Team Mannatech is a group of over 100 current and legendary athletes around the World who credit Mannatechproducts with contributing to their sporting success and actively promote the Mannatech range in order to pass on this opportunity to other sports people.

They do this through increased media exposure, personal appearances, testimonials and most importantly throughpromoting their own success. In return, Mannatech supplies them with their product requirements. Team Mannatech athletes come from a wide range of sporting disciplines and compete at International level. They passionately believe that Mannatech products help to keep them healthy and Mannatech products improve their training ability and recovery – thus assisting them to attain even greater heights.

Team Mannatech aims to educate not only other athletes at the top of their discipline but also those of us who undertake sport on a less intensive level. Whether it be walking the dog, playing tennis with a friend, or running around after young children; the message is that Mannatech products can benefit all.

Source: Steve Edwards and Mannatech(Europe)

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