Steve Edwards runs his 10 Marathon in 12 weeks and still achieves a sub 3 hour time!

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In his world record quest Steve has now run a total of 426 sub 3hours 30 minutes marathons and so has 74 to go by 2012. He is well on the way!
Last Saturday, 18th October 2009, he ran in the Abindon Marathon and achieved his 26th sub 3 hour time and this in spite of it being his 10 Marathon in the last 12 weeks.

His current Marathon totals are as follows:-

Total Marathons run 489

Sub 3:30 426, Sub 3:15 208, Sub 3:10 117, Sub 3:05 63, Sub 3hrs 26

Here is Steve’s Race Report from the Abingdon Marathon:-

“Abingdon was my 30th marathon of the year so far and although the hamstrings were still a little tight from last weekend, the weather conditions were good so I decided to set off at the same 6.45 mile pace as I did at Leicester and try to emulate my back to back sub 3 performance from April. I knew it was a flattish course with only mild undulations so was able to maintain this pace to reach halfway in 1:28:30, things were looking good and I felt okay. However at about 18 miles, my hamstrings were really starting to tighten and I became aware I was losing a little ground. Trying to stay relaxed but focused, I continued to work hard until I found my rhythm again to go through 20 miles in 2:15:25. From here I knew that 7 min miling would see me through but I kept plugging away at the sub 7s to eventually cross the finish line in 2:58:19, my best time on this course by 11 minutes in 11 visits.

With an average time of just over 3hrs 1min for the last 10 marathons ran in a 12 week period, not to mention the two back to back sub 3s in April and now again in October,  this has been by far the most successful spell in my running career to date. Today marked a 26th sub 3 and 426th sub 3:30, things seem to be going very well at the moment and my fitness is probably as good as its ever been, but I’m aware that the last few weeks has taken a lot out of me so for the tough Snowdon Marathon next week, I might be taking things a little steadier.

Source: Steve Edwards

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