Steve Edwards runs under 3 hours at Leicester Marathon this week

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After Loch Ness last week Steve only had to pop up to Leicester this Sunday – 11th October 2009 – for this week’s marathon. What a result, his 25th sub 3 hour marathon. What a runner – very well done.

The Marathon starts and finishes in Victoria Park Leicester LE1 7RY and goes around the city.
Steve was wearing Race Number 477 and was again racing for Bourton Roadrunners.

Here is his Race Report:-

“After the long drive back from Loch Ness last Sunday, I was feeling pretty tired all this week and come Saturday was wondering if I’d be recovered enough to run sub 3:05 let alone push for sub 3 again. But then I had text from Dennis Walmsley from Bourton RR on Sat evening saying one thing – ‘2:58!’ No pressure then!

At the race start I thought the conditions were good, cool and overcast, I also knew it was a fast start going slightly downhill so decided to push out a couple of 6min 45sec miles from the off before settling down into my normal rhythm and see what happened. The course is undulating but has no significant climbs so I kept to sub 7s going through 5 miles in 34min, 10 miles in 68min and halfway in just under 1:29, perfect. Then into the second half which I knew was slightly tougher than the first but not feeling too bad I pressed on maintaining the same pace and going through mile 20 in 2:16:15. So 10k to go and exactly 7min/mile pace required for a sub3, surely this was a good chance?

I was beginning to get tired though, certainly feeling the miles in my legs from the hectic schedule over the last 10 weeks and as each mile ticked by I was just about managing to keep the 7min miling going. At mile 24, I was 2:44:15 but as I knew the last mile was all uphill, I thought I might need some leeway, if I could just find another sub 7min mile I might have a chance. Mile 25 came, bang on 2:51, I’d found an extra 15 seconds, so exactly 9 min to do the last 1.2 miles, nearly all uphill, it was certainly going to be a tough finish but I was determined to not let another sub3 pass me by. 26 miles – 2:58, so 2 minutes to do 385 yards, I knew I’d cracked it so was able to relax a little and enjoy the run to the line for a finish time of 2:59.37, (27th place) job done.

To break a barrier is very special and I was thrilled to complete a lifetime 25th sub3 marathon. My attention then turned to my Bourton clubmate Ewen Smith who I knew was chasing a pb and hopefully a sub 3:15, I didn’t have to wait long, a jubilant Ewen crossed the line arms aloft in 3:14.53 (99th place) breaking his previous pb by 10 minutes and also breaking the 3:15 barrier in the process. This was another good day, two barriers broken, and two very happy Bourton runners.”

Next week Abingdon, the quest continues.

Source: Steve Edwards

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