Swindon Town FC will be training at The Cirencester Area

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Swindon Town FC players make the most of a premiership training facility right on their doorstep!

Paolo di Canio, manager of Swindon Town FC, has announced that the club will be holding its training sessions at the Cirencester Arena indoor facility during the winter of 2012-13.

Foreground – Paolo di Canio, Background – Nathan Thompson

Following a visit to check out the newly resurfaced arena, the team was so impressed that the decision was made immediately!

James French, Arena Manager, explains: “As soon as Paolo saw the quality of the new surface, he knew he wouldn’t find anything better and couldn’t sign up for regular training sessions quickly enough!”

Also planned during the next busy few months are Christmas holiday coaching courses for kids. Dates available are…
Thursday 27th December
Friday 28th December
Wednesday 2nd January
Thursday 3rd January
Friday 4th January

These courses run from 10am to 3pm – contact 01285 654653 or [email protected] to book.

You never know, your child might be training alongside Swindon Town players!!!

Source: The Cirencester Arena Ltd

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