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Compulsory masks for Las Vegas workers

Those who are working in Las Vegas and other parts of Clark County, Nevada will have to wear masks indoors again, but customers will not do so under the new regulations.

McDonald’s franchisees to offer tuition and child care to attract workers

McDonald's franchisees offer higher hourly wages, paid vacation and tuition fees to win over employees because restaurants across the industry are struggling to recruit employees.

‘Glasgow life’ to cut hundreds of Jobs

Glasgow Life, a non-profit organization that manages cultural and sports facilities for the City Council, announced that it will lose about 500 jobs.

Ardanis creates new jobs in Ireland

As part of the 2 million euro investment, the Irish software company Ardanis Technologies will create 30 new jobs. The company was founded in 2016 and is using this investment to support its international growth and expansion plans.

Kickstarter introduces a 4-day workweek post covid

For Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform headquartered in New York, one way is to work four days a week, and the plan will be piloted next year.

Covid-19 and its economic toll on women

According to a report by the Social Innovation Organization, women’s economic prospects have suffered a major impediment due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jobseekers beware of job frauds during this Covid Situation

Scotland disclosed that the latest survey found that nearly three-quarters of job seekers (74%) applied for jobs during the pandemic were fake.

Number of Non-UK residents seeking work falls post Brexit

Figures from a survey carried out by the job website Indeed has shown the struggle to recruit staff since Brexit. The survey found that the number of EU citizens looking to work in Britain has dropped by more than a third since Brexit. The report shows a sharp decline in interest among EU jobseekers which was not replicated in other countries. Meaning that the tougher post Brexit immigration rules are having more of an impact than the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic.

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G7 to commit $15 billion to boost girls’ education and women’s employment

When G7 Foreign and Development Ministers meet in London this week they will discuss investing $15 billion in developing countries in the next two years. This development fund will help women access jobs and build resilient businesses to combat the devastating economic impacts of COVID-19.

Kate Winslet talks about returning to delicatessen job after first Hollywood acting role

Kate Winslet has revealed she headed straight to her job at a delicatessen in her home town Reading after she finished filming her first movie.

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