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Toyota & Honda oppose U.S. House electric vehicle tax plan

Toyota Motor Corp (7203.T) and Honda Motor Co (7267.T) slammed a proposal by Democrats in the United States House of Representatives to give union-made electric automobiles in the United States an additional $4,500 tax break on Saturday.

4000 jobs will be lost in Honda’s Swindon factory

Honda (HMC), a Japanese automaker, will close its Swindon factory on Friday, affecting more than 4,000 jobs. According to the BBC, only 200 of the factory's 3,000 employees will remain to help decommission it. According to the report, the move will result in the loss of 1,800 employment at two local firms that supply the factory.

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G7 to commit $15 billion to boost girls’ education and women’s employment

When G7 Foreign and Development Ministers meet in London this week they will discuss investing $15 billion in developing countries in the next two years. This development fund will help women access jobs and build resilient businesses to combat the devastating economic impacts of COVID-19.