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Amazon offers to pay college fees of 750,000 frontline US workers

Amazon has offered to pay for college tuition for 750,000 of its frontline workers, the latest move by a major US corporation to offer perks to attract and retain employees in the face of a labour shortage.

US hospitals hit with nurse staffing crisis amid COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a nurse staffing crisis that is forcing many U.S. hospitals to pay top dollar to get the help they need to handle the crush of patients this summer.

Union seeks Hollywood ending for film industry’s tale of exploitation

Working in Hollywood may appear glamorous, but the great majority of entry-level, assistant, and support staff employees are subjected to widespread terrible working conditions that result in low pay and safety hazards. Low earnings, pay inequities between men and women, long hours, greater workloads due to Covid-19 safety measures without additional remuneration, and intimidation from management that limit prospects for promotion and success in the entertainment sector are just a few of the issues.

Automated hiring software is rejecting millions of suitable job candidates

According to a survey released today by Harvard Business School, automated hiring software in the United States is neglecting a lot of talent.

Airbus sees 1000 German jobs at risk

A source familiar with Airbus told Reuters that Airbus has warned employees that if the division does not follow the cost-cutting strategy formulated in April to spin off, its small parts manufacturing business in Germany may lay off hundreds of people.

I Want That Job!-Softbank

The firm's 52 "front-office" staff are believed to have received an "outsized cut of the awards, with some dealmakers being given multimillion-dollar payouts". However, the payout excluded its three directors. They shared $20.1m over the period

Belfast firm Obbi expanding after securing £300,000 UK funding

Belfast compliance software company Obbi Solutions has received 300,000 pounds of funding from Innovate UK, and the company will create new jobs in technology, sales and customer service in the coming months.

Siemens Gamesa to create jobs in Humber area

The UK government has selected manufacturers Siemens Gamesa and GRI Renewable Industries to provide grants to develop factories in the Humber area.

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G7 to commit $15 billion to boost girls’ education and women’s employment

When G7 Foreign and Development Ministers meet in London this week they will discuss investing $15 billion in developing countries in the next two years. This development fund will help women access jobs and build resilient businesses to combat the devastating economic impacts of COVID-19.

Kate Winslet talks about returning to delicatessen job after first Hollywood acting role

Kate Winslet has revealed she headed straight to her job at a delicatessen in her home town Reading after she finished filming her first movie.