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What causes the gender pay gap?

It is often assumed that the gender pay gap is best explained by discrimination. But there are instances where this simply cannot be the case, says Alex Tabarrok. A forthcoming study by Valentin Bolotnyy and Natalia Emanuel in the Journal of Labor Economics shows that gender earnings gaps can exist even in environments where work tasks are similar

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G7 to commit $15 billion to boost girls’ education and women’s employment

When G7 Foreign and Development Ministers meet in London this week they will discuss investing $15 billion in developing countries in the next two years. This development fund will help women access jobs and build resilient businesses to combat the devastating economic impacts of COVID-19.

Kate Winslet talks about returning to delicatessen job after first Hollywood acting role

Kate Winslet has revealed she headed straight to her job at a delicatessen in her home town Reading after she finished filming her first movie.