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President Biden proposes 10 million clean energy jobs

The US President during his speech declared that the US is going to address climate change and establish a ‘modern and sustainable infrastructure’ by 2035

Asos deal with Arcadia puts jobs into uncertainty

The deal was completely undisclosed from employees till a team member from Topshop came to know about it through a Tweet

Aldi hiring for 4000 vacancies and wants Arcadia staff to apply

Aldi will be creating 4000 jobs in different parts of the country and have urged employees who have lost their jobs due to the collapse of Arcadia and Debenhams to apply as soon as possible.

Flintshire Airbus employees vote to cut their working hours to save jobs

Airbus announced that it is going to lay off 1,435 employees owing to the financial crisis at its Broughton plant.

Pandemic Amplifies Mass Redundancies in the United Kingdom

The UK has seen 830,000 people becoming redundant during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Fancy a part-time job paying $200,000?

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) has made international news by advertising a part-time job in Pennsylvania, the USA, that comes with a whopping salary of $200,000!

Job market set to bounce in the UK whilst the EU struggles

This will be welcome news for Pro Brexiteers and food for thought for those who think the UK should have remained in the EU.

Working from home can be bad for your health

If safety measures are not taken, then it could lead to expensive claims for employers