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WHO’S GETTING WHAT? AstraZeneca, Ocado, Tesla

AstraZeneca, Ocado and Tesla share sales and bonuses. Hedge-fund managers in the Bloomberg Billionaires index make $23,2bn in fees in 2020

Surprise fall in UK unemployment numbers under furlough scheme

Economists polled by Reuters had expected the unemployment levels would increase to 5.1% from 5.0% in the December to February period. The small increase was expected due to the government's huge jobs...

Job Scams on Facebook attract desperate South Africans

A Facebook page offering employment within government departments continues to lure unsuspecting South African job-seekers.

Middlesbrough FC Owner Steve Gibson loses unfair dismissal claim

A chauffeur for football tycoon Steve Gibson was sacked for accidentally sending his wife a text calling her “f*** nuts”.

Good week/Bad week for…

Ann Herbert, the general manager of Nike's North American division, resigned after a Bloomberg investigation found that her 19-year-old son had used a credit card in her name to buy $100,000-worth of limited- edition trainers

Unemployment in London set to be 1 in 10 by the end of the year

Unemployment in London set to be 1 in 10 by the end of 2020 as Covid 19 Pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the economy

Building bosses are now being paid 100k+ to leave their job

An annual survey run by global recruiter Hays Plc has indicated that building experts are being paid as much as £110,000 to leave their job and join a competitor.

WHO’S GETTING WHAT? David Beckham, WeWork, AMC Entertainment

David Beckham, WeWork founder, AMC Entertainment chief executive and the boss of Googles parent company Alphabet receive huge profits from share sales.

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G7 to commit $15 billion to boost girls’ education and women’s employment

When G7 Foreign and Development Ministers meet in London this week they will discuss investing $15 billion in developing countries in the next two years. This development fund will help women access jobs and build resilient businesses to combat the devastating economic impacts of COVID-19.

Kate Winslet talks about returning to delicatessen job after first Hollywood acting role

Kate Winslet has revealed she headed straight to her job at a delicatessen in her home town Reading after she finished filming her first movie.

Part III – How to buy into bitcoin

If you are new to bitcoin and blockchain technology, I urge you to research as much as you can: read about it, listen to...