Top 10 UK Cities to Find a Job Right Now

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It is a strange time to find yourself looking for a job, and for many people the reason they have become a recent jobseeker is the global pandemic. In the United Kingdom there have been thousands of job losses due to the coronavirus, and if you are one of those unfortunates, you may be feeling quite despondent about finding work in the current climate.

However, there are still some employers showing good growth, and this means within the UK there are still employment opportunities available if you know where to look.

Location, Location, Location

But don’t expect Kirsty and Phil to help you out! When it comes to finding work, cities are always going to yield more results for job seekers than rural areas. Cities in the UK in which to find a job right now would normally consist of places like London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester and Sheffield. To be honest, not much has changed. However, with both Liverpool and Birmingham being in the highest restrictions at the time of writing this article we can understand how that might make hollow reading. That said, fortune favours the brave, so if you are feeling game, we suggest you start by visiting, the UK job search engine. If you’re feeling adventurous though you should visit the desired workplace personally to drop the CV off and show your face. If you’re scared of navigating around busy cities take advantage of application which is free and will give you your location in a real time on the map.

What Jobs Are In Demand?

We asked Shane McGourty from WHATJOBS? what types of roles are in demand at the moment and he had this to say “Currently vacancies fall into a few main categories. You have care workers, and a range of opportunities with essential providers for things like food and online shopping. Big companies like Amazon, Tesco and Asda have all been able to increase their workforce in order to meet the demand of their customers ordering online and needing items delivering to their home. Amazon has several UK fulfilments centres, and are always looking for new staff members to work within the warehouse and transport departments. Manchester, Milton Keynes, London, Coventry and many other locations all host Amazon distribution centres so that makes these pretty good bets for cities in which to find work right now”. Follow this link and type your location to find the nearest Amazon jobs near you –

Shane continued “Supermarkets are scattered right up and down the country so even if you live rurally, your local Tesco, Sainsburys or Morrisons is likely to have vacancies at the current time. Care workers are always in demand in homes and private residences and are always on the lookout for new staff to help them during what has become a highly stressful time”. So again, no matter where you live there are likely to be vacancies in your area. Follow this link and type your location to find the nearest supermarket jobs near you –

Moving Forward

Although at the moment it may seem fairly bleak, we will emerge from this lockdown and pandemic, and historical data gives us a fairly good indication which cities in the UK will emerge on top once we hit recovery. Cardiff and Edinburgh are historically good areas for growth in the job market, as well as the cities that we’ve already mentioned. In 2019 there was also a healthy rise in job vacancies of which 10% were in Portsmouth, 11% in Leeds and Southampton, and 9% in Bristol.  Online recruitment now dominates the job market, that is to say that vacancies can be found online, and candidates can apply for them without leaving their homes which makes it easier than having to trawl around local job centres. So, if you find yourself out of work and needing a new job, even in this difficult time, the vacancies are certainly still out there.

Editor’s note. Big thank you to Shane McGourty of job search engine WHATJOBS? for his contribution to this article. You can connect with Shane via social networking website Linkedin here

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