Twitter launches Super Follows and Safety Mode

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After a few months in beta, Twitter announced that Super Follows is now available to select US users. Super Follows enables Twitter users to earn monthly revenue by sharing subscriber-only content with their social network jobs

Those interested can set up a monthly subscription for $2.99, $4.99, or $9.99 to monetize bonus content jobs for their Twitter followers. By looking for the Super Followers badge, creators can interact with their Super Followers. When they reply to a creator’s tweet, their public badges will be highlighted under their Super Followers name. 

Super Follows is currently only available to a select set of people in the United States. Those interested in setting up a ‘Super Follows’ subscription can join the queue by swiping open the sidebar on the ‘Home’ timeline, touching on Monetization, and selecting Super Follows. 

To be eligible for the waitlist, you must have at least 10,000 followers, be at least 18 years old, and tweet 25 times in the last 30 days. Obviously, it would be best if you also were in the United States. 

Select accounts can currently be Super Followed on iOS in the United States and Canada. Still, Twitter says the feature will be available to iOS users worldwide in the coming weeks. 

In addition, Twitter stated that Safety Mode, a new feature that promises to prevent disruptive interactions, will be available starting today. Safety Mode is only available to a select number of Twitter Jobs users who have English-language options enabled on their iOS, Android, or desktop devices. 

Safety Mode is designed to disable accounts for seven days if they use potentially hazardous language or send unwanted and repetitive replies or comments. Those who receive the feature must turn it on in the settings so that Twitter’s computers can evaluate any potential negative activity. 

Those who are found to be using harmful language in their tweets will be auto blocked, which means they will be unable to follow your account, see your tweets, or send you Direct Messages for a period of time. 

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