Two BMW employees from Cotswold test positive for Coronavirus

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The Coronavirus pandemic has affected 27 million people all around the world. It has taken a toll on everyone, especially on those who have to have a lot of social interaction regularly. Many have contracted the virus despite taking proper precautionary measures. Two employees from the BMW outlet in Cotswold have suffered a similar situation.

Two employees in Cotswold who work for BMW have tested positive for Coronavirus. The BMW outlet is on Groveway Field in Cheltenham. It has been thoroughly cleaned after news came out that two of its employees have been diagnosed with Coronavirus.

The owners of the outlet have asserted that the outlet will remain open. The employees who contracted the virus both are inhabitants of Worcestershire. They had last come for work on September 2, which was a Wednesday. Bosses at that branch have implemented a track and trace system, which will notify anyone and everyone who has come in contact with those employees. With the launch of the track and trace system, the spread of this virus can be monitored.

They also said that neither of the employees showed any symptoms of the virus at work. In this situation, they have commented that they can confirm that both the employees, who’re from Worcestershire, have tested positive for the virus. After having discussions with the PHE, they think that no further action is required as of yet. This matter will be rediscussed if there are any additional positive cases.

The bosses came to know about the first case when one of their employees arrived home and informed that one of their family members had tested positive for the virus. Although there is no surety from where he contracted the virus, there are high chances he contracted the virus from a family member. After informing the authorities, they went into isolation and got themselves tested.

After the tests returned positive, following the proper Government guidelines, they tracked and traced anybody with whom they might have been in contact.

One of the employees, who also tested positive, did not face any customer but had extensive social contact. The same track and trace procedure was implemented with the second person. As of now, no one has contracted the virus, seen from the track and trace list.

The temperature of several employees from the outlet is checked twice regularly. The same procedure is also applied to everyone who works in the same workspace as them.

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